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How to spot if an online Casino is not a scam?


Online casinos are online versions of normal/traditional casinos. They are also called the internet or virtual casinos. This platform enables gamblers to play their favourite casino games online, without having to move to a “brick and mortar” casino physically. It is almost the same as online gambling services offered on the internet. You place your money then play and win. Online casinos offer generally higher odds than traditional casinos. The payouts are however generated automatically by the rules of the game.

Types of Online Casinos

Online casino games can be classified into different categories:

• Download online casinos which will require you to download software in order to play. The software is connected to the service provider and does not need browser support.

•Casinos that are web-based will only require you to use your browser, you will not be required to download software to your personal computer.

• Virtual casino is whereby the outcome of games is determined by a random number generator. The outcome is determined by throwing dice or a spinning machine. Virtual casino is fair when used well unless it is tempered with the player will benefit

•Live dealer games of the casino are where you have a human dealer who runs the gambling game from a live video link streamed by gamblers. Gamblers will watch and communicate with the dealer via text. This way the player is able to interact with the game and gain more trust. The game is however expensive as a gambling company has to host the website and staff.

It will, however, be good to know what you are dealing with before you invest your money and it gets lost, (of course, everyone wants a return on their investment). People should, therefore, be able to know how to spot if an online Casino is not a scam.

How to spot if an online Casino is not a scam?

#1 The best way to check for a fake would be checking for unprofessionalism and how old school it looks. Generally, the first impression can help you identify whether the website is fake or not. This is because scammers will not take time to build a website with details, they will follow the quickest approach to set up a website and start aiming hat targets.

#2 Licensing information- before doing anything on an online casino platform you should check out their licenses. However, some who are serious about scamming may be smart enough to get a fake license which will look almost the same to an original one.

#3 Check for online scandals- by checking on reviews you will be able to know how the casino handles players, a casino which closes profitable accounts, doesn’t pay on time or changes game rules in between a game is a fake one. Do good research before you can put your money there. However when checking for reviews you should be careful, some will go complaining after losing several blackjack hands in a row and might deceive you to think that a legitimate online casino is fake. For example, Canadians can enjoy these reviews of their casinos thanks to a few trustworthy sites and reviews.

#4 Deposit options- websites that lack deposit options for a player outside US/ Canada might be fake. Most of the online casinos accepting PayPal are legit as PayPal is choosy about its users. Only big and known companies are allowed to use it.

#5 Always go to the contact page of the website and if you don’t get clear information on how to get in touch with operations, that should be a red flag. Get out of that site.

#6 Always check for the age of a casino. Fake casinos will not last long in the game, most of these fake companies will last a year whereby they will start like any other legit company, do good marketing but in their case very aggressive. This site: www.topcasinobewertungen.de/ has a great guide on how to spot if a casino is legit, if you’re unsure, you can always refer to it. By the time they are one year they are very exposed and have already achieved their goals and are forced to exit. …


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