April 28

What Are the Best Accessories a Gamer Should Have


Gaming is not all about the game. The experience has a lot to do with it. When asked “what are the best accessories a gamer should have?” a game console should be top of the list. Any serious gamer will tell you that even with the most comfortable of chairs, the perfect screen or amazing headphones, for the ultimate gaming experience, a console has a lot to do with it. With the major advancements in the gaming industry, gaming console have been taken to a whole new level.

What are the best accessories a gamer should have?
There is just about a gaming console for each and every person. The three main players in gaming console are Sony (PlayStation), Microsoft (Xbox) and Nintendo. Depending on whether you are looking for the console with the best mobility, one with the best resolution or simply one for the family, you will find a gaming console that suits you best.
When buying a game console, think of whether you want to play solo or with friends, consider the possibility of family members joining in, how compatible it is with your other accessories and the graphics it has to offer. We seek to help you make the best decision without playing favorites.

Game console Showdown

If you are a gamer looking for 4k resolution, stick to ps4 and xbox1 and 1S. They will offer amazing graphics that will seem to suck you into the gaming world by making it more realistic. There are gamers who prefer HD and for them, Nintendo switch and ps4 slim are recommended. Gamers on a limited budget have Xbox 360 and ps4 pro. With a budget of between $200 and &250, you can get this bad boys and enjoy the exclusive games they have to offer. Ps4 is the only gaming console which will offer you the experience of virtual reality.

The Nintendo Wii U is suitable for kids and family. One can play on the Wii U when the tv is in use. It also provides for up to four multiplayers. The Nintendo 3DS XL is perfect for handheld games and is Wi-Fi enabled. It is compatible with Nintendo ds and allows for online multiplayers. Nintendo switch is also one of the best innovators and transitions easily from a home gaming device and a mobile one.

The most popular and bestselling console is the ps4 which comes in 2 models; slim and pro. Other than the mazing specs it offers like dvd player and bluray, the game library is what many gamers are after. The downside is that PlayStation sucks when it comes to backwards compatibility. It is clear that there are gaming consoles for each and every player, depending on their needs. Some are perfect for solo games while others come in handy if you enjoy playing with your friends. You will also be surprised that you can now play to your favourite casino games from your console! Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and of course, Megaways slot machines! If you are interested visit www.yukon-goldcasino.com/ for more information. With new advancements happening every day, don’t be surprised to find your old gaming system somehow obsolete. You will never lack a console that suits you, as there is a large pool to choose from.…


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