April 28

The Best Gambling Video Games Available on Consoles.


The gambling craze took control of the world some time ago and it’s no surprise that it found its way into our gaming consoles. For gambling enthusiasts, there are a number of games to choose from. Below are the 3 best gambling games available in both XBOX 1 and PS4.

Four Kings Casino and Slots.

This free game from Digital Pleasure offers you the thrills of gambling without the hassle of actually going to a casino. It does this through superior graphics that immerse you into the casino world. You get to choose from a range of conversation options that give the game a real-world feel.
The sound and music effects also add to the immersive feeling in the game. The developers have really put a massive amount of effort into. For instance, you can hear the audio difference when walking on different floor surfaces. This is impressive considering that it is a free game you can play on www.nettikasinobonukset.eu. The best part about this game, however, is the gameplay and the amount of fun involved while playing. It offers the full range of casino games for you to play and it offers them in the most simplistic fashion. You will comfortably enjoy this game even if you are a beginner at gambling. Conversely, if you are a pro, you should get ready for a unique experience that will test your skills. In conclusion, this is a great game to play. It combines great graphics with a massive online multiplayer presence to give you a great experience.

Pure Hold'Em

This game has been developed by VooDoo Studios to give you the best Hold’Em experience. VooDoo Studios are the creators of the popular Pure Pool game that gives players a great pool experience. Given the success of the pool game, you should expect the poker to be just as good or even better. As expected, this game offers you an immersive poker experience. It offers a wide range of challenges where you typically begin with the easiest ones. With the money you earn from these easy challenges, you can then buy a slot in the more challenging games.
The game offers both offline and online play. When playing offline, you play against seven AI opponents with different styles of play. On online mode, you play with other online players looking to eliminate each other as you play. A crucial downside to the play is that you do not get to see the players faces as they view their cards. This removes an essential part of real Hold’Em where you can read your opponents’ faces to gain a potential advantage on them. In conclusion, this is a great game with great graphics. However, you are only restricted to Hold’Em poker. Despite that, it should still prove a great game for poker enthusiasts. If you love playing poker, there are good videos poker available with onlinecasinosguidelines. Not only will you get the best games but also great reviews and tips on how to play and which strategy to use on the games.

Prominence Poker

This game from 505 studios attempts to give you the ultimate poker experience while combining it with a backstory story that keeps things interesting. In the game, you get to create your own avatar that “grows” in the game as you win poker games. The single player mode puts you up against computer-controlled gangsters and mafia bosses that you challenge when you find yourself in their territory. This can prove to be quite enjoyable. Multiplayer mode allows you to play against online players. It gives you a chance to rub shoulders with the best in Prominence Poker.
In conclusion, this is a well-developed game with a unique twist. A slight issue might be that the only poker game available is Hold’Em. However, it’s a game with the potential to hook any poker player.

Conclusion; the above are the best gambling video games available on consoles at the moment. Each is unique in its own way but they are all designed to offer you the best gambling experience. If you are looking for more fun games and more adrenaline, check out clickonlinecasinos.com.…


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